The whole L&D unit was surprised on my quickly progressed labor, considering it was the first child, and i did get complimented on my pushing skills- thanks to my Prenatal Yoga classes!!!!! My OBGYN did arrive at 7am but instead of Pitocin, we just spend some time chatting and enjoying the baby!
That's my story! Thank you again Michelle for all your training and knowledge and comforting words throughout my pregnancy- prenatal yoga was definitely a MUST. We will definitely come visit you soon and will try to see about the baby and me classes as well.
-Judita, Prenatal Yoga
Everyone is so shocked I didn't have a c-section. I always mention that I believe in my heart that I wouldn't have achieved my dream delivery if it wasn't for yoga.Celinda, Prenatal Yoga Student (delivered twins)
Hey Michelle, just wanted to thank you for an awesome class last night! it really gives me something to look forward each week!
-Tyler, Prenatal Yoga
Thanks so much.  I slept better last night than I have in nearly a year!
-Bridget, Prenatal Yoga
Michelle, thanks for the line :) and helping me embrace my pregnancy.
-Palma, Prenatal Yoga
Great class last night, I can feel myself sitting up so much straighter with relaxed shoulders at the computer today...
-Alison, has taken ALL Shanti Classes!
Thank you for helping me be able to do the things I'm learning to do in your class. You are a great teacher.
-Giulia, Shanti Flow Yoga
I just need to sing the praises of resident yoga-mom Michelle.
Last night hubby and I attended the 'preperation for childbirth' class. Wow! Now bear in mind this is my 3rd child. My first delivery was awful due to induction and epidural. Lamaze went out the window. Second was better but I knew there had to be more.Michelle is amazing. I am really feeling so confident about this birth thanks to all of the techniques Michelle taught us.
Now I am not a limber person by any means and don't have to be to utilize what Michele taught us. She covered so many different scenarios and what will work best for each couple based on different factors. I have a prior pelvic injury that comes back to haunt me and was feeling a bit afraid about delivery. Michelle showed me positions that really work to alleviate the strain. Really, things I would have never tried ended up making me feel great by the end of the class. Last night was the first night in month's I had a good night sleep without my syadica (sp) bothering me.
My husband also came home feeling very relaxed and focused at the same time.I'm looking forward to Mommy/Baby yoga in the fall. Please add a Mon or Tues class Michelle ;-). 
Sorry to be so long-winded. Believe me, there is tons more I could say. I just want to encourage everyone who has never considered yoga to give it a second thought. I know Michelle teaches a pre-natal yoga class too. It's too late for me this pregnancy, but if you can do it, give it a shot.
Happy labor and delivery to all of the mama's-to-be!
-Tara, Shanti Couples: Labor & Childbirth Prep with Yoga
Thank you Michelle...[Prenatal Yoga] was great. I feel like a new person. I slept the best i have slept in weeks, i didn't even get up to go to the bathroom! I was able to roll over too! Just nothing hurt. The pain I was having in my back is gone. I feel really good.
-January, Prenatal Yoga
I wanted to thank you for having these classes. Sydney and I are having a wonderful time. It means a lot to me to be able to do this with her and meet so many wonderful people.
-Theresa, Mama & Baby Yoga
Good class last night - and packed!! I was thinking "what's going to happen when summer vacation is over". . .I'll need to get there on time!!
-Glenda, Shanti Flow Yoga
I am so happy I finally made the decision to do something for myself and sign up for your classes. You are wonderful and have a great heart, your warmth radiates and I am certain all of the women including myself feel it.
-Jennifer, Mama & Baby Yoga
Everyone should have an instructor as encouraging and motivating as you!
-Janice, Shanti Flow Yoga Student
Your classes are magical. I come in all pissed off and sleep deprived and come out feeling like a new person. I'm not going to move [out of Brooklyn] because I'd have to take you with me.
-Crystal, Shanti student of ALL CLASSES!
Michelle,Ohhh boy! I'm feeling it - hips, quads, inner thighs, calves and feet! Great class...
-Lorraine, Shanti Flow Yoga
I really enjoy your class and you're a terrific teacher. I look forward to class all week. It has a balancing effect on me. When I'm hyper, I leave feeling calm; when I'm exhausted, I leave feeling refreshed. Either way, I get the best night sleep the night I take your class. I consider it part of my self-care routine and find it very therapeutic.
-Sheryl, Shanti Flow Yoga
I cannot thank you enough for the time and patience that you put into your class. The way you direct individual attention to each student in their needs and concerns is a true sign of a great teacher.
-Vincenza, Prenatal Yoga
Thanks so much for an amazing yoga class. It was GREAT! I felt so good and relaxed and calm and strong and centered....
-Daniela, Shanti Flow Yoga
I'm currently enrolled in Michelle's prenatal yoga class and I highly recommend it. I walk out of the prenatal yoga class feeling like I've had a massage -- but I've actually exercised. How great is that?!
-Jessica, Prenatal Yoga
Thanks so much!! I thoroughly enjoyed the really was a fantastic workshop. Thanks.
-Karen Dubi, RYT, RD, CDN, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Workshop Student
Just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! Yesterday was amazing. I feel very prepared, informed, and READY! Andrew really enjoyed it too and told me he was "so relaxed". I thought that was great! I know that the regular classes will help to keep it fresh in my mind. Have a great weekend and see you on Wednesday!
-Sari, Shanti Couples: Labor & Childbirth Prep with Yoga and Prenatal Yoga
I wanted to let you know that your labor prep class was even more useful for our second little bundle of joy.  We spent close to an hour and a half in a car to the hospital through what was the worst of my labor.  Luckily I remembered many of the breathing exercises you taught us or I would have been completely miserable.  Turns out I was going through transition during the ride.  By the time I checked into L&D I was ready to push!
-Amber, Prenatal Yoga & Shanti Couples: Labor & Childbirth Prep with Yoga
I just wanted to point out that I loved your "gentle yoga" class last night. It was a great way to start the week. The chants and ohms at the end of the session were a little challenging but for the most part I was totally at ease throughout the evening. I must have slept like a baby last night. Anyway I'll have to keep an eye out for any of your future gentle yoga classes. They're the bomb.
-David, Shanti Flow Yoga
I was jumping out of my skin when I told [my friend] I was able to do headstand (with your help) and how unbelievable it felt. It WAS awesome!
-Christy, Shanti Flow Yoga
Michelle thank you so much for coming over today the kids really enjoyed your session. As well as my assistant and I, to see how happy they were and what they where getting out of your wonderful energy... Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks... Thanks and take care of yourself and your...
-Rosemarie, Day Care Owner
Thanks for last night. It was my first yoga experience and I absolutely loved it!
-Kelly, Prenatal Yoga
I found this class to be wonderful in so many ways. As new moms we are forced to stay in the house for so many hours that we get stir crazy, this class is a great way to
A. get out of the house
B. get some much needed exercise
C. RELAX!!! and
D. learn from other moms in much similar situations.
No one is an elite athlete so there is no insecurities and Michelle knows just how to tweak the yoga positions to meet the needs of her students. I wish I found the class while I was pregnant but I was fortunate to join when my son was just 6 weeks old, I also was a statistic and had a C-section. The stretches really felt great on my scarred tummy.
-Dr. Jennifer Falcone, Mama & Baby Yoga
I took [Michelle's prenatal class] for several months (right up until the week before my own son was born in March) and can vouch for Michelle's ability as a teacher. Michelle has also led workshops on prenatal yoga for other instructors.
Michelle not only created a friendly and comfortable space, but gave individual attention to each of us as well -- adapting poses for moms-to-be with different levels of experience, and suggesting variations and alternative poses for those of us at different points in the pregnancy and with different issues -- from swollen ankles and sore shoulders to fluctuating hormonal levels.
Apart from getting a wonderful stretch (!!!), the class offered a chance to socialize with other Bay Ridge preggies (both new and "returning" moms).
And, I can't prove this, but I'm certain that yoga contributed to the ease of my own labor (I used many of the poses from class and others suggested by Michelle during labor) and the delivery of my son (no pain meds, and a really short pushing phase!).
-Breta, Prenatal Yoga
Both prenatal and mommy & baby yoga were great because they made me put aside one hour from an otherwise hectic day and devote it to myself and my baby. While the prenatal class helped me relax, the mommy & baby class was good for connecting with my daughter and doing something fun and different together - while also getting some health benefits.
-Julia, Prenatal and Mama & Shanti Baby Yoga Student
I really enjoyed the yoga classes - you're a great instructor.
-Miriam, Prenatal Yoga
Thanks again. I've been getting some real positive feedback from the girls ... One of the leaders of another troop meeting thought you were terrific!
-Pat Clark, Girl Scout Troop Leader
Michelle,Thanks again so much for doing the session with my choir last week. I got a lot of positive feedback about it on Monday at rehearsal!
-Jessica Corbin, Choir Director for Bella Voce Singers & Shanti Flow Yoga Student
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