Why Reiki?

January 25, 2016

I've often compared Reiki to a chiropractic adjustment. A chiropractor adjusts your spine to realign you; Reiki adjusts and realigns your chakra energy centers. When we are out of alignment physically and/or energetically, illness and disease has an opportunity to get stuck and cause longer-term issues or crises.


Many people discover Reiki during a time of crisis. Whether it is a health, mental or emotional crisis, it seems that the feeling of being completely helpless or hopeless is what draws people to Reiki. Many clients come to me for healing sessions to carry them through their crisis and once it's over, they walk away from Reiki. It saddens me that the discovery of something so profound as Reiki can be forgotten about. However, it is sometimes so hard to wrap our logical minds around that we may and do easily forget.


Many of my Reiki clients have found me after a cancer diagnosis. I work with them through treatment and Reiki has helped reduce their toxicity of chemicals as well as stress. After they complete their medical treatment, which I always recommend that Reiki act as a complement to traditional treatment, they will continue to see their doctor for follow ups and tests to make sure everything stays in order and in remission. Unfortunately, often I will not hear from a client until another crisis comes up.


As I learned in my training, you can never receive too much Reiki. I believe that, like many other modes of therapy (talk therapy, nutrition, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.), Reiki is one that should be used for maintenance as well. I do self-treatments daily to stay balanced and in tune for my family, students and clients. When I do not self-Reiki regularly, I notice it. My family notices. In my experience, there usually is a thought pattern or behavior that causes a crisis in the first place. It's easy to get pulled back or get stuck in that old pattern again, if we don't create a new pattern, make healthy choices and maintain that clarity and balance of our energy centers. We're human. We're imperfect. That is the beauty of the human species. Our health is everything. And many of us go through life taking that for granted.


Clients that receive Reiki on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis report that they feel clearer, happier, balanced and just plain better. Energetically, I can feel the progress they make. Physically, I can see how the energy balancing affects their body language and demeanor. There are still many skeptics about Reiki, but I have had my own very profound experiences of healing with it and have seen many more. I encourage everyone to at least try a healing circle or a Reiki session and see if it's for you. Whatever gives you peace, makes you laugh and play, or makes your heart sing, keep doing it!


The next healing circle is on Friday, February 26th. Private Reiki appointments are available weekdays, weeknights and weekends in Brooklyn. Distance Reiki or Long Island appointments are available as well. Please give 48 hours notice to make an appointment and 24 hours notice to cancel. Emergency appointments require an additional fee.


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