I Won the Lottery!

January 14, 2016


No, I didn't win the Powerball. In fact, I have played lotto so infrequently in my life that I didn't even know the range of numbers I had to choose from! Still, we picked some numbers, played some games and didn't even win a dollar. However, it got me, and a lot of other people, thinking about what life would be like as a winner.


I believe that if you don't already feel like a winner in life, winning the lottery is not going to change that. What did you fantasize about doing with all that money? Would you quit your job? Would you travel the world? Would you open an animal rescue retreat? Would you house the homeless? For a moment, consider what ways money would change what you do. Are there ways that you can live out your fantasies as a winner in your present reality?


A little goes a long way when it comes to charity. If you have a cause that makes your heart ache, send a donation, volunteer your time, share a donation link on your Facebook page. Do you have a small business that you love, but they are struggling to keep their doors open? Write a Yelp or Google review. Buy a gift certificate for your next birthday party present. Make and deliver some soup for a sick friend. Pick up the phone and sing Happy Birthday, rather than sending an emoji cake to your friend. The smallest gesture can be the biggest reward to the person you're showing honor and charity to.


Was quitting your job one of the things you'd consider doing? What else would you want to do with your time? Is it possible to start working on creating that reality in your life so that you COULD leave your job, at some point, for something more fulfilling and rewarding? How can you find your bliss or at least moments of bliss in your present financial state? It's okay to take care of you. It's right to "Treat Yo'Self!" If you're happy, the people around you are happier. It's contagious!


Lotto or not, seek out ways to incorporate the feelings of winning the lottery into your life, even if you haven't played. We can be winners.

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