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All of the following links are sites that I have found helpful that I think are important to share with all of my students, whether you're a parent, aunt, uncle, friend, or compassionate human being. I have searched for, what I think, are the best all around links/sources possible. I have no ties with any of the websites or organizations unless noted. Remember that even the best source has human error potential. So is the beauty of humanity and yoga. I use these resources myself and wanted to share with you. If you have questions, feel free to contact me directly. If there's something you'd like to share with me and the site, let me know. Namaste.


Community Help


Stop It NOW!
Child Abuse Prevention, resources and help.
Child Molestation Help & Resources


The National Domestic Violence Hotline


If you are in New York City, you can dial 311 anytime
if you have questions about tenant's rights, health issues in your building,
house or neighborhood, opposite side of the stree parking, etc.


New York Voter Registration


Parenting & Motherhood Help


Bay Ridge Parents on Facebook
Local parents are on the message board sharing info about parenting,
schools, fun activities and whatever else you can think of.


The Birthing Center of NY
Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY


Post Partum Depression
This will give you the help you need if you are going through the baby blues or postpartum depression.


Contraction Timer


What to Expect (Pregnancy and Parenthood)
You've read the books. Now go to the website for the latest resources!



Breastfeeding Resources


Helpful How-To Breastfeed Video International Breastfeeding Centre


La Leche League
LLL provides free advice and support on breastfeeding.
Call a leader if you need help with latching, supply, etc.
Meetings are all over Brooklyn, NY and the world FOR FREE!


Breast Feeding Clinic
Dr Jack Newman (Breastfeeding Advocate) of Newman Breastfeeding Clinic & Institute (NBCI)

How to Know if Your Healthcare Provider Supports Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Myths


Facebook Group: Breastfeeding


Facebook Group: PumpMoms
Perfect group for moms that are returning to or are back in the workplace
or are exclusively or partially expressing breast milk for their babies.




Denise Chastain is a very talented photographer.
Her work speaks for itself. Any picture of Michelle in a pose was taken by Denise.

Lisette Torres Photography

Lisette did a video for Mama & Shanti Baby Yoga and lots of great candid shots in class. She's easy to work with and has a knack for capturing moments.

Nishani Photography
Local mom who takes lovely photos and has a great knack for capturing children in action!



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