Reiki Healing Sessions
Reiki is best known for its ability to relieve stress and help you find your own inner calm and balance. For years, I went through life seeking inner peace. Reiki and yoga work in harmony to help me physically, mentally and emotionally to maintain peace and balance in my life.
Reiki is recognized by many of the biggest hospitals in the country, such as John Hopkins, Beth Israel (NYC) and Columbia Presbyterian. It is also used as a complementary therapy for cancer treatment at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Reiki is a complementary therapy and makes no claims to diagnose or cure disease, trauma or illness. If you are being treated by a physician, you should continue with any prescriptions or therapies as directed.
Reiki Healing Sessions can be done in person on by distance. In person sessions can be scheduled in Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY. Staten Island and Long Island locations for appointments are coming soon. Reiki appointments must be scheduled by the person seeking the session, with the exception of children or pets. Each person that seeks Reiki must give consent to receive. (Reiki may not always be a great "surprise" gift to someone.)
What to Expect at Your Reiki Appointment...
Reiki Healing Sessions are usually one hour long. The hands-on aspect may last 45-60 minutes with 5-15 minutes left to discuss the findings, as well as ask and answer questions. Sometimes, when working with clients with terminal illness or chronic issues, a session may take longer than 60 minutes or may require multiple sessions. In these cases, I recommend a follow up appointment or an extended session.
Extended Reiki Healing Session with Shamanic Journeying/Akashic Clearing. In this 90-minute session, Michelle will go deeper into your energy field into your ancestral and karmic history. Old behavioral and thought patterns can be released and cleared here. The meaning behind deep fears, phobias or behaviors can be uncovered, facilitating healing and release. 
Mini-sessions (30 minutes) are available for those who want to try out Reiki, for children (or pets) or for routine maintenance.
Healing Circle is another way to try out Reiki with less commitment. A healing circle is when people and practitioners come together in a group. In a healing circle, you don't usually get to choose which practitioner works on you, but you do get to receive 5-15 minutes of Reiki at a very nominal cost (usually a suggested donation).
Reiki at a Distance
Reiki itself can be a leap of faith for people. Anyone who has experienced it has felt the effects of it. Many of my clients that are terminally ill, homebound or just live far away choose distance Reiki. The results of Reiki at a distance are just as effective, if not more. The key is that we set an appointment and you would lay quiet and still, just as you would if we were in the same room together. Energy transends all time and space and with the purity of Reiki energy, it moves efficiently to where you need it, whether you are in the same room with the practitioner or across the world.
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Please note that there is a surcharge for Emergency/Same Day Appointments (One-hour only) if and when available


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