I was honored with the opportunity to be on All Together, the religion podcast by Paul Rauschenbush at Huffington Post. If you are curious about Reiki, please read or listen (below).


Is Reiki Safe?

Reiki is safe for everyone, including children, babies, pregnant women, pets and plants. Reiki is natural and does not interfere with medications or medical treatments. There is nothing negative or evil about Reiki and it cannot be forced on anyone. You must be open and willing to receive it.


How Did Michelle Get Into This?

Michelle has been a Yoga Teacher for 14 years. Michelle knew she wanted to become a Reiki Practitioner when her husband was being treated with Reiki during chemotherapy for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It helped him so much, she enrolled in her first training and attunement shortly after he went into remission 11 years ago. Michelle is a Reiki Master Teacher certified to practice and teach all levels of Usui Reiki. She has also trained in a variety of other energy healing modalities.


Trainings and Attunements are available at Level I, II and III. Appointments available for people (and pets) in Brooklyn and Woodstock. Distant healing sessions are also available.

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