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"Brooklyn's BEST Prenatal Yoga Class is at Shanti Baby Yoga in Bay Ridge."

"Labor went great and I pushed her out in 25 were right...

yoga really helped!!"

Christy, 1st time mom

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Prenatal Yoga is a healthy, proactive way to keep your strength and flexibility throughout your pregnancy. Yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation will prepare your body and mind for the birth of your child.
Tuesdays 8:15pm @Music Together
275 90th St
Birth Partners are Welcome Too!
This is a mixed group of adults, prenatal & teens


Prenatal yoga can help you:
  • Relieve stress, tension and related aches
  • Prepare your body and mind for labor and delivery
  • Connect with your inner self and your unborn baby
  • Cope with hormones and your new, changing body
Many past students feel that yoga has helped them achieve a healthy vaginal birth, others have avoided the usual pains and ailments associated with pregnancy, and many have made friends for life in this class.
Beginners are always welcome. You are welcome to start as early as 10 weeks or as late as 30 weeks with doctor's approval. Prenatal Yoga Classes are conveniently located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.


Shanti Couples:
Labor & Childbirth Preparation Workshop


Whether this is your first or fifth pregnancy, you and your partner are likely experiencing lots of new emotions, thoughts and feelings as the big day nears.

In this workshop, you and your partner will learn:                     
  • How to relieve stress, tension and related aches                      
  • How to prepare your body and mind for labor and birth                     
  • Various breathing techniques for labor and delivery                     
  • Postures and positions to reduce pain during labor                      
  • Partner empowerment to coachand support mom                      
  • Visualization and meditation to stay focused and relaxed during labor and childbirth                      
  • Possibility of a drug-free birth (risks & benefits of pharmaceuticals) and your options                     
  • And so much more...
Sign up for the next group workshop or schedule your own private workshop, tailored to your specific birth wishes and needs.
Group classes are 3.5 hours and $150 per couple
Private are up to 3 hours and $375


No Yoga Experience is Necessary.

Everyone is empowered for childbirth.

Testimonials of Shanti Couples
I took Michelle’s couples childbirth class prior to the birth of my 2nd child. My first birthing experience was a miserable one. I had painful contractions for 4 days at home and was miserable and exhausted. I was not at all prepared and didn’t know what I could do to relieve myself. When it came time for daughter’s delivery I was scared and was expecting to be miserable just as I was during my son’s delivery. I decided to sign up for her class as I heard about it during one of my prenatal yoga sessions with her. She taught us such wonderful strategies for dealing with contractions, taught my husband some wonderful back massages and positions to help me labor in that I felt much more empowered and prepared. When I started having contractions the day before Sofia’s delivery I was much more comfortable and I knew exactly what to do as a result of taking Michelle’s class. My actual labor and delivery was much shorter and much more comfortable too. From the time I arrived at the hospital Sofia was born 5 hours later after only pushing for 15 mins. I would highly recommend this class to all moms to be regardless of it's your first baby or not. 
--Crystal, 2nd time mom
Last night hubby and I attended the 'preperation for childbirth' class. Wow! Now bear in mind this is my 3rd child. My first delivery was awful due to induction and epidural. Lamaze went out the window. Second was better but I knew there had to be more.
Michelle is amazing. I am really feeling so confident about this birth thanks to all of the techniques Michelle taught us.
Now I am not a limber person by any means and don't have to be to utilize what Michele taught us. She covered so many different scenarios and what will work best for each couple based on different factors. I have a prior pelvic injury that comes back to haunt me and was feeling a bit afraid about delivery. Michelle showed me positions that really work to alleviate the strain. Really, things I would have never tried ended up making me feel great by the end of the class. Last night was the first night in month's I had a good night sleep without my syadica (sp) bothering me.
My husband also came home feeling very relaxed and focused at the same time.I'm looking forward to Mommy/Baby yoga in the fall.
--Tara, 3rd time mom
Just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! Yesterday was amazing. I feel very prepared, informed, and READY! Andrew really enjoyed it too and told me he was "so relaxed". I thought that was great!
--Sari, 1st time mom
I wanted to let you know that your labor prep class was even more useful for our second little bundle of joy. We spent close to an hour and a half in a car to the hospital through what was the worst of my labor. Luckily I remembered many of the breathing exercises you taught us or I would have been completely miserable. Turns out I was going through transition during the ride. By the time I checked into L&D I was ready to push!  
--Amber, 2nd time mom
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