Mama (Daddy too!) & Shanti Baby Yoga

Why should I do yoga with my baby?


Why not? You have already bonded with your child as he or she grew inside you for nine months. Now that you can hold your baby, you can share the beauty and health benefits of yoga with him or her. In class we stretch, smile, laugh and even sing with the babies. This is unlike any yoga class you've been to before. It's unique and will leave both mama (or daddy) and baby peaceful and happy.


Yoga helps babies develop motor skills, muscular control, stimulates their minds and even offers them the chance to be around and socialize with other babies. Yoga has been linked to helping babies sleep and alleviate colic. Many babies meet milestones in class from all the stimulation and interaction.


Mamas get the opportunity to socialize and bond with each other (many friendships have frequently bloomed at Mama & Shanti Baby Yoga) while rebuilding their postnatal bodies.

Yoga with a toddler...

Mama & Shanti Tots Yoga is very much like a toddler. It has a very loose format and sometimes the focus is on mom's fitness and sometimes it is more playful for the toddlers. One mother commented on the workout in this class as much more active than the Baby class. Other moms are awed that their child goes home and does every move and song we "learned" in class while they appeared to be not even paying attention!

[My baby] fell asleep an hour earlier than usual on Sunday. I really loved it and it was so interesting to him taking it all in. He hasn’t seen too many other babies yet so they were particularly fascinating.

--Colleen, Prenatal & Mama & Baby Yoga Student


Both prenatal and mommy & baby yoga were great because they made me put aside one hour from an otherwise hectic day and devote it to myself and my baby. While the prenatal class helped me relax, the mommy & baby class was good for connecting with my daughter and doing something fun and different together - while also getting some health benefits.

--Julia, Prenatal and Mama & Baby Yoga Student


I found this class to be wonderful in so many ways. As new moms we are forced to stay in the house for so many hours that we get stir crazy, this class is a great way to A. get out of the house B. get some much needed excercise C. RELAX!!! and D. learn from other moms in much similar situations. No one is an elite athlete so there is no insecurities and Michelle knows just how to tweek the yoga positions
to meet the needs of her students. I wish I found the class while I was pregnant but I was fortunate to join when my son was just 6 weeks old, I also was a statistic and had a C-section. The stretchesreally felt great on my scarred tummy.

--Dr. Jennifer Falcone, Mama & Baby Yoga Student


Thank you for helping us all be even better moms than we already are! xoxox

--Tyler, Prenatal and Mama & Shanti Baby Yoga Student


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